The buildings of Scotland: Past and present

By | Apr 26, 2013

Have you ever fallen in love with a building?

Buildings carry the history and heritage of the location where they are built. They interact with the landscape and when they become part of our life, we develop a relationship with them. Buildings are the background of memories, they give us both protection from the weather and privacy but they also give us great inspiration. Our home is a reflection of who we are. A country’s buildings are the reflection of its culture.

Haddo House


Scotland is mostly known for so many things. Our heritage, our history, our scenery, our larder, our inventors and people. The great majority of visitors don’t come to Scotland in search of buildings like so many do when visiting Prague or Rome. But once in Scotland, very soon visitors realise what a rich architectural history we have. So many different styles of buildings share the same space, each representing a different era and our different needs and influences throughout history.

Hopetoun House



Scottish castles were built to protect, Palladian mansions were built to boast wealth and entertain whilst urban housing narrate the story of Scotland’s middle and working classes. Edinburgh Georgian terraces, tower-blocks, Glasgow tenement flats, urban gardens, churches and kirks, each and every building has a story to tell. They reflect our rich history and our ability to preserve and interact with the past by adding layers to old buildings and bringing them to the present.


Clyde Auditorium


For the architecture lover, we recommended buildings such as Glasgow School of Art, The House for an Art Lover, Hill House, The Burrell Collection, The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Glasgow city chambers, Bute House, The Scottish Parliament, Duff House, Haddo House, The Scottish National Gallery, Clyde Auditorium, McManus Galleries, Glamis Castle, Culzean Castle and Hopetoun House amongst many. There are some incredibly beautiful modern buildings in Scotland, many of them have won international awards, take your time to discover hidden gems as well as famous buildings.


Culzean Castle




MacManus Galleries


 Learn about their history and you will learn more about us!


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