The Scottish Highland Games

By | Aug 19, 2014

Highland Games are a celebration of Scottish celtic heritage and history. Clans would compete with each other and the winners would be the celebrities of their time. Every summer, for over two thousand years we gather all over Scotland to remember and celebrate our history.

Highland dancers and pipers would be brought to entertain and show off their skills whilst warriors would show off their physical strength and resilience. The most impressive and athletic participants would obviously reflect the strength and success of their clan.

Today we compete for fun, Highland Games are about bringing the family together for a day out, the competition can be just as hard and difficult but for completely different reasons. There is no politics involved, the challenge is personal.

Different areas of Scotland have different styles of Highland games. In some ways, each Highland Game is a reflection of their very own community.

If you are visiting Scotland this summer, visit a couple of different events in different areas and learn about the clans that influenced that area. A great way to learn about Scotland is learning more about the clans themselves.

To see a list of dates and locations for different Highland Games taking place this busy summer, visit the Scottish Highland Games Association’s website


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