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By | Jul 22, 2013

Antique Bath - Pool House Hotel, Poolewe


We often write about current themes, events and unique experiences one can have in Scotland. But we don’t always share with you our very own personal experiences as regular guests traveling around Scotland.

Every so often one of us working behind the scenes of Connoisseurs Scotland will open the book of our personal experiences and share with you a little chapter. To help you weave  a tartan of imagery and feelings brought by this beautiful country we live in and the wonderful places available for us all to visit.

My Luxury Scotland begins at One Devonshire Gardens Hotel in Glasgow, at the Balfour room with memories of a special Christmas lunch almost one month before Christmas. Staff were like no other, bringing a Christmas tree to the bedroom and preparing a Christmas menu so I could celebrate it before spending Christmas overseas. The journey then develops into a sunny day and a beautiful scenic drive from Glasgow to Inverness via Loch Ness, arriving at Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux to have spa treatments in my bedroom followed by a relaxing bath in an outdoor private jacuzzi, ending with  my first encounter with Chef Albert Roux’s Souffle Suisesse: Still my favourite dish of all times.

My Luxury Scotland is a mid-week break at the Boath House during Spring, listening to the owner herself and staff preparing the breakfast table in a bright private sitting room just outside the room and leaving a stunning breakfast ready to be enjoyed. One of the most romantic scenes any guest can experience. It was also a long 5 hour drive to the Pool House in Poolewe, going through some of the most beautiful and dramatic vistas in Europe, arriving at a hotel that made me feel like reaching home and being surrounded by family, staying at a glorious and lavish bedroom full of antiques (where Brad Pitt had stayed a short time before!), waking up with the sound of otters and seals by the window and making new friends while having superb wine and food in the company of unassuming ultra-wealthy strangers.

My Luxury Scotland is driving to Inverlochy Castle and stopping the car on the driveway, dumbfounded , just to admire its beauty before finally being greeted by the friendliest and most welcoming staff. It’s staying in the bedroom Queen Victoria stayed and for a moment imagining what it would have been like, years back when past was present. It’s finding the best friend of a cousin I never met as one of the waiters and learning about past guests that visited the hotel every year for over 15 years until they unfortunately passed due to old age.

My Luxury Scotland is seeing and being amazed at the size of a Russian Red King crab at the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa in Aberdeen. It’s having a sports massage that took me all the way to the shores of Thailand and reaching my car 3 steps away from a private door to my bedroom. It’s also watching a seaplane land on Loch Lomond after watching golfers play golf from a breathtaking rooftop outdoor jacuzzi at the Carrick Spa at Cameron House on Loch Lomond. It’s tasting Martin Wishart’s art in the form of dishes and being followed by ducks on my way to a bedroom so big that it took me 8 steps to reach the bathroom.

My Luxury Scotland is also the habit of stopping by The House of Bruar every time I drive by it to stock up on Swiss chocolate that usually finishes before I reach home. It’s to be amazed at the quality and variety of local products and spending more than I should on them.

These are just chapters of a thick book of luxury Scotland memories and experiences made all the more precious by the hotels we work with and their staff.

Luxury is personal to all of us and it comes in different forms, sometimes they are moments sometimes they are experiences, this is a glimpse of what luxury scotland means to one of us.

Russian Red King Crab - The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa

Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux - Private Outdoor Jacuzzi


Breakfast at The Boath House Hotela, Nairn


Loch Lomond Seaplane at Cameron House Hotel






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