What Andy’s victory means to Scotland

By | Jul 10, 2013


Last weekend most of the country stopped to watch Wimbledon’s men final. Facebook reported more than 20 million posts, comments and “likes” relating to the competition and once again for a short while, Scotland and its people became the subject of conversations all over the world.

So what does Andy’s victory mean to Scotland and tourism?

Andy Murray is more than one of the world’s best tennis players (according to Ivan Lendl, he really is the best tennis player in the world now), he is a reflection of Scotland’s culture and national identity. From his background in Dunblane and overcoming  adversity to the closeness to his mother Judy, Andy is the every day Scot who’s made it big with sheer determination (and a little bit of help from luck, what happens when “preparation meets opportunity”).

Andy’s victory means a lot to Scotland, on a historic level and on an emotional level as well, numerous tweets and facebook posts expressed the public opinion, “a Scotsman lent to England for one of Wimbledon’s most historic matches”, “he is British now, he will go back to being Scottish after the win”. Timing is a very important factor, a time when Scotland is more than ever working towards independence, the Year of Natural Scotland when we celebrate all that is Scottish: the culture, the history, the wildlife, the art, the scenery, the people who made and make history.

Andy’s victory is the cherry on the cake for The Year of Natural Scotland. It’s a representation of all that we are proud about Scotland and what we want the international community to remember us by: A country of great actors (represented by the focus the Media has given to Gerard Butler at the final), of great inventors as well as great sportsmen. Andy being the latest and currently most important one.

We also need to remember that Andy now has a luxury hotel in Scotland, Cromlix, opening in April 2014. It’s the perfect circle, Wimbledon has given international recognition to Scotland’s athletes as well as Scottish hospitality. The hotel was being mentioned again in articles all over the globe, bringing attention to Scotland as a destination, now more than just beautiful, we dare to say fashionable.

Wimbledon’s result means a lot to Scotland’s tourism sector and to the next generation of sports talents. We are proud of Andy and we congratulate him for his well deserved achievement, but we also congratulate Scotland as a nation for believing in itself and for being delighted to share its best fruits with the global audience.

We can’t wait for Cromlix to open and we hope the excitement brought by Wimbledon lasts for years to come!

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